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Over the course of 40+ years, Mick McGinty produced some of the most recognizable artistic works in the entertainment, movie, advertising, and video game industries. His later fine art works built upon that legacy as he evolved into an accomplished master fine art painter, further solidifying himself as a legend in the art world.

My Dad left this life with a trail of memories, joys, and gifts to everyone who loved him and enjoyed his company. More than that, he left a testimony of God's faithfulness as Dad spent his final 6 weeks of his life in amazement for what God had done for him.

We hope you enjoy looking through Dad's vast catalog of work, but we hope more than anything that you not only get to know more of his artistic works, but that you get to know more of the man himself.

Thank you for visiting,


Mick's son



Future Updates...

I plan to update frequently, as Dad has a whole lot of art, and I hope to be able to share as much of it with you as possible. I also hope to share more stories, photos, and other memories with you, so please come back often.

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