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One of my favorite types of art Dad created were the "special projects" he would do for people. It might be a gift, or a favor to help someone out, or a commissioned portrait, or even something that was just for the fun of it. In my opinion, these pieces give more insight into my Dad more than his "professional" pieces ever could.

We have a lot more of these images I will be adding over the next few months. If you have any personal pieces that Dad did for you, I would love to see them! If you don't want them published, that is totally fine, but either way, we love seeing everything Dad did for others.

CLICK THE IMAGES for more description and some "behind the scenes" looks at the story behind them, reference shots, 

and other interesting facts and stories about some of these paintings. Not all paintings are clickable.



Self-Portrait, circa 1996

Art Center Project, April 1979

Masterpiece Christian Fine Art Foundation


Art Studio Group Portrait, circa 1980

Family Portrait

Hope for the Future

Kacey and Me for School Project

Art Center Parking Lot

Native American


Siouxland Veteran's Memorial Bridge, Sioux City, Iowa


Wholly Smoked BBQ


Gibson SG "The Fool" Replica

McGinty Sandbur Ranch, South Sioux City, Nebraska

Tom Osborne Limited Edition Autographed Print

Bob Devaney Limited Edition Autographed Print


His Dad, Mike

His Mom, Mudge

His Dad, Mike

His Sister Sharon's Dog

His Sister, Sharon

His Niece, Carey


His Grandma, Gram McGinty

His Son, Me!

"Uncle-in-Law" Chuck Neuman


His Dad, Mike



Dad loved to golf, and he loved to paint. And he loved to paint about golf! Most of his golf paintings were done to be auctioned off at Dakota Dunes Country Club where we lived and where Dad loved to golf. More of these will be added in the coming months along with the stories behind them.

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