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Oil on board


Soon after Dad's diagnosis, we gently had hinted to Dad that we would love if he did a self-portrait, because he had never done one. It was a gentle hint simply because we knew that it would be dependent on his health, and all of that was unknown.

After he had passed away, we were saddened knowing that we didn't have one. Through the course of going through his art, we would run across a few, such as the Family of Three and a few others that served at least some kind of purpose as a self-portrait.


But it wasn't until after Thanksgiving that we were going through even more artwork that I ran across this one.  A true self-portrait.  Our guess based on his look, mustache, and hairstyle, is that it is probably around 1998 or 1999, but we can't be for certain. 


Self-portraits are notoriously difficult, because everyone has their perception of what they look like, so drawing or painting themselves is quite the challenge, but Dad pulled it off very well and this is a fantastic representation of what he looked like in the late 90's. 

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