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On October 2nd as well as October 16th, 2021, we held a Memorial Service for Dad both in their current city of Gilbert, Arizona, as well as in their home state of Nebraska. Our family was so pleased and was filled with such gratitude to have so many people from all across the country and across decades of Dad's life to come and honor and celebrate Dad.

Memorial Highlights

Dad's Memorial was unlike any other you have probably been to. It was filled with such personal, dynamic, and intimate moments not just from those who shared, but from Dad himself. He had the unique opportunity to have a say in his own Memorial, and it was a treasure for us to be able to share it with everyone, just as Dad wanted it to be.  Here are other highlights:

  • Music led by my sister, Kacey, and me, accompanied by my teenage sons, Micah and Liam, and Kacey's 9 year old daughter, Swayze.

  • Personal sharing from Kacey, my brother, Jeremy, as well as my Mom.

  • I share the very personal story of Dad's final 6 weeks of his life with insights into his own heart, fears, and his miraculous transformation.

  • A video of some of Dad's own words and sharing of his heart, as well as what he wants all of his friends and family to know.

Memorial Program Handout

Below is the front, back, and inside of the program we handed out. Click each image to enlarge them. 

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