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Around 2006, Dad began investing more time and passion into fine art painting. Having already put away his airbrush and acrylic paint for quite a few years by this time, he picked up his oil paint and began to unleash his talent upon this medium that he hadn't explored in many years. Dad would find something of interest in almost anything, and his ability to capture anything from every day objects, homes, street scenes, or people, was mesmerizing to those who saw him work. Over the years, he painted thousands of oil paintings, and we are thankful to know that many of those paintings are hanging in homes around the world.

NOTE:  His body of work became massive.  It will take a long time to catalog it all onto this website, so in the meantime, you can link to his two primary online sites that chronicle two phases of his fine art and oil painting.


Twice A Week Blog

(click painting to go to blog)


His "Twice A Week" blogsite that he ran from 2006 to 2017.  It was named as it was his own personal challenge to create at least two paintings per week that he could be satisfied with enough to post online for sale, which he did through offerings on eBay. He did these paintings as early inspiration that he hoped would evolve into a style and approach all his own.


There are so many amazing paintings, and nearly all of them have a short little story or description of his inspiration that are always fun to read.

He did this for 11 years before shifting towards more plein air painting and larger studio pieces, offering them on his personal website and through galleries and art shows.

  • Mostly smaller 5x7 to 11x14 format

  • Lots of still life paintings of food, every day objects, houses, and cityscapes.

  • Lots of smaller format landscapes, about 11x14 and 12x16


Fine Art Website

(click painting to go to website)

You can also go check out his fine art website,, where he began to feature his larger works, all of which are landscapes, and primarily of the southwest. Many of these paintings are available for sale.

  • Larger format, 18x24 to 36x24

  • Nearly all landscapes with some cityscapes.

  • Primarily southwest, and particularly the Grand Canyon. 

NOTE: Many of the works on that site are labelled for sale/available. The site was left as-is upon Dad's passing, and so while we do intend to sell many of the paintings that are still available, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of availability. If you are interested in a painting that does say "for sale" or "available," please email us and we will do what we can to figure out the correct status.

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