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Comments and Well-Wishes:  We love hearing from anyone who knew Dad. Hearing your stories and receiving your condolences is a treasured way that we keep Dad's memory and legacy alive with us.  Please reach out to share a story or memory, or simply to let us know that you have been thinking about Dad or about us.

Art Inquiries:  The process of making an inventory and assessing Dad's paintings is a daunting one. We do have, and will have, many various pieces available for sale, however this process isn't streamlined.

  • Fine Art: If there is a painting that you see either on his fine art website,, or on his blog,

  • Illustrations:  For his illustrations, the vast majority of those were kept by the companies they were made for, however we do still have over 300 original airbrush illustrations from various projects and jobs. If there is one of interest, let us know and we can get you more information.

Thank You!

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