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Jobey Playing Poker with Dad

Oil on Canvas


I've had this one hanging in my "Man Room" since 2009. Dad did such a fantastic job capturing my likeness, expression, posture, and everything. I love how rich the colors are (my photography doesn't do it good justice and it got a little washed out).

What I like most about this painting though is that it was a night of hanging out with Dad.  When he would come to visit, we'd often have some of my friends come over for a game of poker and hanging out with each other. All my life, I always loved sharing and showing off my Dad to my friends. Even in high school, I wasn't ever embarrassed of my parents, and my friends loved seeing them and hanging out with them. Even after I graduated high school and moved away, sometimes a gal friend would stop by to see Mom, or she would take them to coffee or lunch, and my guy friends would swing by to see Dad.

That kept up even into my adult years. Whenever Mom and Dad would come to town, I always hoped we'd have some time to socialize with our friends, because I loved when my friends would get to know my parents, and vice versa.

Destroying Regret

Poker also had an unlikely role in helping Dad put his regret to death. I share the story in the first post recounting the last 6 weeks of Dad's life and how he was freed from regret. I would love for you to read through it. It begins here, which includes the story about poker, and I also further reference poker and his regrets a few posts later here during the time we visited Field of Dreams together.

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