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Hope for the Future

Brushed Acrylic (no Airbrush)


Our whole family loves this one. The original always hung in our homes, and we always just loved the dramatic hope and encouragement it brought through the composition of it. 

I actually didn't know what this was for, so I just named it "Hope." But I asked Mom, and she told me that this was a project he did for school at Art Center, and the task was in fact to create a composition just based on the word "hope." So this is what Dad came up with, and he named it "Hope for the Future." This was all hand-painted without airbrush, as he hadn't learned how to airbrush yet.

And even now, in light of Dad's death, as we feel parched and desolate, we know that life will indeed come from even the driest of times. Even dry, cracked ground can produce a miraculous flower, and we know that God will always provide for us even when it seems impossible.

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