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McGinty Sandbur Ranch and Recreation



I'm happy to say that the last project Dad really worked on was one that I helped him with, and one that was for the McGinty family. Going back to 1932, Dad's Grandpa Joe McGinty bought some farmland in South Sioux City, Nebraska, right along the Missouri River, just west of the bridge that connects to Sioux City. When I was a kid, we would spend our summers traveling from California to be with our family in Nebraska, and when I would stay at my Uncle Dave and Aunt Donna's house (who lived next door to the McGinty Farm), my cousin Kiley and I would grab our golf clubs and cut across through the McGinty Farm bean fields to get to Covington Links Golf Course. It was treacherous to do that in the muggy, sweltering hot summers, but that's just what we did.

When Great-Grandpa Joe died, the 160 acre farm was divided between the four kids. Sadly, my Dad's dad ended up selling his share, so my McGinty line has no more connection to the land that's been in my family for almost 100 years. The good news is that the other 3/4 of the farmland is still in the McGinty family.

About the Art

Part of the riverfront portion of the land is being developed by Chris McGinty, my Dad's cousin. He is making it into a camping and recreation area for people to enjoy a riverfront getaway to relax and enjoy the river life. Chris asked Dad to work on a logo, and Dad was more than happy to lend his artwork to his cousin, especially for a project connected to the family's land.  Dad would send me his comps, and I would sort of act as a quasi art director for him, helping him come up with ideas and designs.

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