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Chicago Bulls120.jpg

Bud Lite/Chicago Bulls

Acrylic Airbrush


This was a an advertising job for Bud Lite that was used in the Chicago area. In the early 90's as a young teen I got really, really into Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Our family had historically been Laker fans, of course, but when you're 11 years old, a guy like Michael Jordan has the ability to just sweep you away.  So when Dad did this job, I couldn't wait for him to get the piece back so I could have it framed up in my room. It's funny looking back, because I was about 12 at the time and I had a big Bud Lite painting above my bed, but of course that's not what it was about for me.

My Dad took my brother and me once to a Lakers vs. Bulls game at the LA Forum in 1991. They were cheering for the Lakers, of course, and I was cheering for the Bulls. I did like the Lakers, too, so I surely wasn't rooting against them, and I kind of felt bad cheering opposite of my family, but this was the first time I got to see Michael Jordan in person, and he was squaring off with Magic.  It is such a great memory, and it also happened to be the year that the Bulls did get their first championship.

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