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Joe Camel

Acrylic Brush and Airbrush


This is probably one of the few jobs that Dad looked back on and had some regrets with. At the time Dad himself was a smoker (though he was a Marlboro Man), and didn't think much of doing this job, other than it's a job and it paid very well. However, Dad eventually quit smoking cigarettes, and within really just a few years he had even said he was "embarrassed" that he did these.  I found an interview he did where he was quoted as saying that he hoped that they "killed off" Joe Camel within the first year and that he wasn't sad at all when they finally did.

The jobs themselves were fun for Dad to do, even if a bit goofy. He always laughed at the stupidity of the ad: a smoking humanoid camel. But, the scenes were fun and he had a bit of leeway with the creativity of it.

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