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This was a really funny movie. I loved this one as a kid. In hindsight, probably not the best movie for an 8 year old, but when you grow up in the 80's, you seem to realize a lot of that stuff was in movies that you really shouldn't have been seeing. Regardless, I had a 3 foot cardboard cutout of the badge hanging in my room during my childhood because I not only loved the movie, but loved the artwork. I'd always been fascinated with law enforcement, and so this cool looking badge, especially since it was for the LAPD where we lived, was just such a cool piece to look at.

Behind the Scenes...

I remember when the debut of the movie was nearing. Dad had also done some other promo work for Dragnet that was specific for billboards and other huge promos, specifically in the Hollywood area.  We piled the family into the car and drove down into Hollywood near Mann's Chinese Theater (now Grauman's Chinese Theater) on Hollywood Blvd. Towering high above on both sides of the street, scaling the height of some 7 and 8 story buildings, was Dad's artwork. One side was an 80 foot Dan Aykroyd, and the other side was an 80 foot Tom Hanks.  The badge was plastered everywhere. For an 8 year old kid, to see your Dad's work emblazoned in such a way for all to see, was just an awesome thing to behold.


Airbrushed Acrylic on Illustration Board

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