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In 2016, Mick launched his fine art website where he could display his plein air and studio oil paintings and have them sold to those who were captured by his work.  He mostly loved doing landscapes, particularly of the southwest, but worked in a lot of still lifes of every day objects and scenes, as well as some cityscapes from various trips he would take.

Eventually, all of the works on will be moved over to this site, but until that happens, we will leave that website in tact as it is so that you can view those works.

NOTE: Many of the works on that site are labelled for sale/available. The site was left as-is upon Mick's passing, and so while we do intend to sell many of the paintings that are still available, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of availability. If you are interested in a painting that does say "for sale" or "available," please email us and we will do what we can to figure out the correct status.

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