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Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack 



This is a digital work done by Dad for the epic video game franchise, Halo. I have to admit, when the first Halo came out on Xbox, I was a fan. I would stay up late after my wife went to bed, and my friend, Jamie, would come over and we would play Halo for hours on end.

Dad, however, was never into any of the first-person-shooter type games, but he loved to play games where you could fly airplanes in dogfights, or race cars on tracks.  As a matter of fact, his famous "call sign" dating back to the Apple II days for the game "Speedway Classic" was "Mongo Mick," a nickname he would occasionally throw back to. He also occasionally went by "Slick Mick" if he held multiple top scores.

Dad's artwork for this project was also made into an in-store standee to advertise for Halo 2.

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