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Heavy Metal

Acrylic Brush and Airbrush


This is a killer painting, and really impressive to see the original in person. Dad had this one framed up for the longest time, and what happens when you have a framed piece of art in an airbrush studio, the micro particles of spray glue used for acetate float around and find a nice comfortable surface to land on. Between that and paint particles and eventually a nice top layer of dust that sticks nicely to the paint and the spray glue, you get a nice, dull finish.

So when I pulled this out of its frame to take a look, I was floored by the vibrancy and clarity and pop of these colors.  No wonder Dad framed it up, it is a really, really amazing piece!

Behind the Scenes

One very cool thing about this painting is where and how Dad hid his name.  Click on the image to see a zoomed in version of this painting and see if you can find it.  


Comment below if you find it, but don't give it away!

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