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Jaws (Universal Studios)

Airbrushed Acrylic on Illustration Board

Jaws has been a longtime attraction and part of the Universal Studios Backlot Tour in Hollywood, but in 1990 they decided to have a dedicated and different attraction at the Orlando location, which was experienced on boats (as pictured) rather than in a tram.

About the Art...

Dad's primary cameo look is found again in this piece. Whenever he would work himself into a painting, whenever he could he would give himself a red Nebraska Cornhuskers hat, usually with a white "N" on it when the angle was right.  Additionally, I'm located on the left, my cousin, Nikki, is in front of me in the green, sitting next to my sister. My brother is in the front row wearing the visor, and my Uncle Dave is the captain of the ship.

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