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Megadeth: Youthanasia Album Title

Acrylic Brush and Airbrush

Behind the Scenes

This one has a fun back story. A few years back, the lead singer of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, along with his wife and two kids, were regular attenders at our church in San Marcos, CA. One day, we were invited over for a BBQ at their home, and I was hanging out and spending some time with Dave's son, Justis, who was about 16 at the time.  In one of their hallways, they had a number of Megadeth's gold and platinum records hanging up, and I spotted this album, "Youthanasia."

I said to Justis with a wry smile, "hey, y'know what's cool about this one? Both of our dads made this together!"  But then I quickly added, "but...your dad definitely did most of the work."

Dave had also told me that this was his favorite rendition of the Megadeth logo because it was a darker polished onyx type of a look rather than a shiny metallic.

Another illustrator, Hugh Syme, did the cover art, and I believe that was digital, which was one of the first major albums done digitally if I recall correctly.

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