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Dad's Rambo illustrations are awesome. His likeness of Sly Stallone are unbelievable, and the realism he captures, particularly in the one with him holding a bazooka, is just hard to even grasp that this is painted.  Even as I held the original in my hands with my nose up close, I still wasn't quite sure if it was painted or if it was a photograph!

Behind the Scenes

I remember when Dad had me be the model for Rambo (just kidding, I was only 10 and I wasn't that ripped like I am now), and he had on loan the actual crossbow that he's holding on the horse. We had that and Rambo's knife, which had a handle that unscrewed at the bottom to reveal a small compass and was hollow inside, which contained a tiny rolled up mini-map. The crossbow was really heavy, especially for a 4th grader!

We were given one of the standees that they put in movie theaters, and that was in our living room for a few years. Well, maybe it was just a couple weeks, but I wish it was there for a few years, however I don't think Mom would have gone for that.

Rambo: First Blood, Part 2

Airbrushed Acrylic on Illustration Board

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