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Streets of Rage 2

Airbrushed Acrylic on Illustration Board

Streets of Rage 2 was one of the more popular games to come out in the early 90's on the Sega Genesis format.  The above piece was the full artwork done so that they could use it for advertisements and to wrap around the case. 

Funny enough, the guy holding the baseball bat even got his own cult following, becoming known as "Don't Walk Man." There was even a rumor going around the gaming community that he was a "secret boss" that had to be defeated.  I don't  know why Dad did that. Not sure if he was just being funny or what his reasoning was, but I love it.

Family Cameo Appearances...

This is one of the works that Dad needed some modeling for, so three of us in the family got in on the action.  My brother was the guy in the white t-shirt, Mom was the girl in the jean cutoffs, and I was the young kid on roller blades.

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