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Tatsu: Six Flags Magic Mountain



As a kid we lived just about 20 minutes from Magic Mountain, and so my 8th grade year I had a season pass and I ended up going to Six Flags 21 times just in that year. It was so close that it was the equivalent of going and hanging out at the mall for a few hours, but instead we had roller coasters.

I was well out of even high school when Dad got commissioned for Tatsu, but as a Six Flags fan, I was so excited he got it.  We even got free tickets for the family that year and got to not only see Dad's work on display, but enjoy the ride, which is a really fun and very smooth roller coaster that suspends you from above in a position like Superman, so you actually sort of get the feeling of flying.  It's a really awesome ride and even more awesome that Dad's art is displayed all over it.

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