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The Addams Family

Acrylic Airbrush

Dad did both The Addams Family as well as The Addams Family Values two years later.  If I recall correctly, the only character he actually painted was Lurch (the butler), as well as Thing, the disembodied hand in the foreground. The rest of the characters, I believe, were photos that were superimposed later. But the entire background, lettering, and checkered floor was all done by airbrush.

Somewhat Interesting Side Note...

When I was in 6th grade, filming for this movie was taking place, and the studio built the Addams Family mansion up in the Burbank hills, directly overlooking the elementary school I went to. We would see the progress every day, until it turned into its creepy look eventually.  It wasn't until months later when Dad was given the job for it, so it was kind of cool for me to see Dad get this job and essentially put the finishing touch on this movie that I had been watching parts of be built over many months.

This was definitely a piece that Dad was happy with, because he had this one framed and hanging in his studio when we lived in Sioux City.

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