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Starting in May of 2006, Mick began making a more serious dive into the world of oil painting and fine art. He began with a challenge for himself called "Twice a Week," where he pushed himself to do two small oil paintings each week, publish them online, and offer them on eBay.  He did this for 11 years, with his last posted oil painting for sale on eBay from September of 2017.  After that, he began to focus more on plein air painting and studio works to be sold through galleries, art shows, and on his own personal website.

Over time, the still lifes and landscape paintings on his "Twice a Week" blog will be moved over to this site, complete with the mini-stories that Mick posted with each one.  That will be a massive undertaking that will take much time, and so until then, his "Twice a Week" blog will be left up for all of us to enjoy.

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