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Jaws: the Revenge (aka Jaws 4)

Acrylic Airbrush on Illustration Board

Though Dad didn't do the original Jaws movie poster art, he really liked that he was a part of the Jaws franchise, especially since he got to paint a similar design as the original.  He did always laugh, though, because, as he said, "this one was a pretty terrible movie."


Somehow, it is largely held online that Dad painted Jaws 2, however this is not the case. This piece is the only one he did, but he is almost always credited with Jaws 2.  I don't know how this happened, but I will say that Dad himself always thought that he did Jaws 2, I think because he always read online that he did!  That said, I do think that it was Dad himself who made the initial mistake.  I actually am somewhat convinced that Dad didn't know there was ever a Jaws 3 or 4, so he probably did in reality think that Jaws: the Revenge was in fact Jaws 2.  So then when he would be interviewed, whoever he had told took it as authority and he eventually got credit for it. 


Behind the Scenes...

Here is another fun cameo from a family member.  Dad did two versions of this painting. One was just the shark, and another was with a boat in the foreground with a poor helpless woman holding a harpoon.  That poor soul was my mom. When Dad would do a lot of his painting, he would need someone to model for him, and so being that we were not only close at hand (but also cheap labor!), he used us quite a bit.


Another Jaws Art Piece...

Incidentally, Dad was also commissioned to do another work about this human-flesh-loving shark. Universal Studios had him do an advertising piece for them for their Studio Backlot Tour attraction, which featured an animatronic shark that would terrorize the touring tram full of people.

Click the "Bon Voyage" image below to see that work and the story behind it.

Random Cameo...

Our family is a fan of The Goldbergs TV show, and one night we were watching and were pleasantly surprised to see Dad's poster hanging in Adam Goldberg's bedroom.

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